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Monday, 25. August 2014 ~ 22:10 Uhr
R.I.P. Richard Attenborough  
I heard only around midday today that Richard Attenborough died on Sunday.
He may have done lots of different things over the years, but for me he'll forever be the guy who brought the dinosaurs back...
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Tuesday, 12. August 2014 ~ 07:33 Uhr
R.I.P. Robin Williams  
Actor and comedian Robin Williams dies aged 63

His films were part of my childhood. It feels a bit like a distant relative died.
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Sunday, 13. July 2014 ~ 16:40 Uhr
'Stick With Me, Kid' on YouTube  
There's never going to be a DVD box of the rather unknown 1995 Disney show "Stick With Me, Kid", but two YouTube users just made my weekend by posting some episodes. Now I've finally got the Pilot (in German) and 9 of the eps in English. \o/
Previously I'd only had a handful of eps I'd taped on VHS ages ago, then copied on the computer. In German, of course.
Now I'm watching an OV ep I've never seen before while the rain is pouring outside. I only wish there'd been more than one season.
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Tuesday, 24. June 2014 ~ 22:49 Uhr
Termination note delivered  
Three hours ago I handed in the termination note for my apartment.

The landlord actually said he was very sorry to see me ago since I'd been such a good tenant.
This makes me a *little* more optimistic about the aftermath, meaning the stuff I have to do in the apartment to make him give me my deposit money back. However, I still expect him to fight over small things with me, a crack in a tile of the bathtub, some scratch marks on the wall where the TV side table resides, discolouration of the doors where I put up posters, that sort of thing. I don't want to threaten him with a lawyer, all I want is to get everything done and move out without any more hassle than necessary. *sigh*

Uh well, let's see how it goes. Three more months.
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Friday, 16. May 2014 ~ 07:11 Uhr
ЖЖ новости  
dimson wrote:
Translations available at Google and Microsoft

New Site Design!!!
This new site design is apparently in beta. When you first visit LJ you should have a popup giving you the option to either stick with the new design or go back to the old version. There doesn't yet seem to be a way to switch back and forth if you dismiss the popup.

[Switch back to the old design]Okay, right now there's a bit of a display problem. There's supposed to be a button at the top of the new header that looks like a question mark inside a word balloon, like this:

But some people are seeing a blank space instead:

If you see the question mark, click on it. If you don't see that icon, click on the blank space where it should be. This will bring up a pop-up with a link to switch back to the old version:

[Turn on new design]If you've already dismissed the pop-up but have decided to give the new design a try, there is no link or button you can press. Instead, you need to open a Support request and ask to have new design turned on for your account. I suggest using "Turn on new design" for the summary of your request.

1. All the old site schemes (Horizon, Vertigo, Lanzelot, & Lynx) have been replaced with this new design.
2. Homepage remains functionally the same, with the exception of the notification bar, which has been moved to a sidebar on the friends feed.
3. User profiles have been redesigned again. Interests and vgifts have been hidden in separate tabs and user statistics (userpics, photos, comments, etc...) are now along the side.
4. The new friends feed now has a bunch of customizable widgets, including calendar view, My Guests, new comment notifications and upcoming events, etc...
5. There's a new "Magazine" and that's about all I can really make of it.

Until there's an English-language post about these changes, I recommend leaving any feedback on the post linked at the top of this entry. It doesn't matter that it's written in Russian, or that most of the comments are in Russian. At least this way your feedback will be seen by an actual employee of LJ.

Update 5/16: There's now an English-language post here in lj_releases, though comments have been disabled. There's a clearer explanation about some of the changes. Staff have also asked users to submit bug reports, suggestions, or feedback about the redesign by opening a Support ticket. You can do so in the regular way, making sure to select "redesign" as the category, or if you're using the new design you can click on the speech bubble/question mark icon and click on the leave feedback link. It still might not hurt to leave a comment in the announcement post.

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Sunday, 4. May 2014 ~ 23:07 Uhr
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone on SNL  
The kissing scene (no spoiler for Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Yeah, I'm 12 years old, sue me! ^^
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Friday, 2. May 2014 ~ 22:42 Uhr
The Amazing Spider-Man 2  
Last Tuesday we went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, OV, 3D. I did like the first Amazing Spider-Man and was looking forward to this one. It was...entertaining. Andy Garfield still works much better for me than Tobey McGuire, even though Tobey wasn't bad either.
And I also prefer feisty Gwen Stacy to boring MJ.

However, apart from the really unstructured story there were three things I found really REALLY annoying.

Cut for spoilersCollapse )
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Friday, 18. April 2014 ~ 12:09 Uhr
Gabriel Knight gets a makeover...why not more old favourites??  
Oh guys, I'm so excited about this:

Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers (20th Anniversary Edition)

It was already such a fantastic game back in the day. Look at the beautiful graphics!
I wish all my favourite old games would get a makeover like this!

They already did great with Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2
Now how about doing the same for Police Quest 4 - Open Season (and maybe the others too), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle etc.
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Sunday, 13. April 2014 ~ 23:46 Uhr
Weekend tasks and Winter Soldier  
Someone had already put their name on the laundry list for Saturday morning, 9:00, so I decided to be an early bird this weekend and wash my own clothes at 7:15. Which was cool, because I was properly awake on time, got everything ready and running, then went to the market to get my asparagus, ham and potatoes. It was weird to be out and about early enough to watch people put up their stalls and goods.

My dad and brother came for a visit in the afternoon. We went to the nearby pizza place and a café afterwards, chatting about family and politics and people's struggle for happiness.
Sunday went by quickly with tv shows and, among other things, changing passwords because of the Heartbleed bug.

In other news, last Tuesday I watched the Winter Soldier in the cinema and the events in the movie tied in beautifully with the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. However, I can't help it, the Cap is still my least favourite Avenger and even an improved story couldn't make me forget that I'd had to spend 10,30 € for a 3D movie I didn't even want to watch in 3D. Takes all the fun out of going to the cinema, really. :(
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Saturday, 12. April 2014 ~ 18:59 Uhr
Balcony Plants 2014, Tomatoes, Herbs, Strawberries...  
It's time for the annual plant entry, after missing it last year. As usual I'll take a picture every weekend to document the growth of my balcony plants. This entry will become picture heavy and is probably of no interest to anyone but myself.

Balcony Plants - timetable 2014 in picturesCollapse )
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Sunday, 6. April 2014 ~ 23:56 Uhr
Weekend and Last of Us: Left Behind  
How is it Monday already? (Well, in a few minutes.)
I built a small, shaky table for my balcony today, ate a huge portion of asparagus with potatoes, ham and butter sauce, watched a few shows and *drumroll* finished "The Last of Us: Left Behind". Damn, I could continue playing this forever, it's such a great game add-on.

Spoiler-free trailer:

Now what are you going to throw at me, next week? If I can fight the zombie apocalypse, I can take you on, too!
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Saturday, 5. April 2014 ~ 23:30 Uhr
German post sells your address to ad companies  
Yes, you heard right. If you have a postal address in Germany, the post office can legally sell your address to advertisement companies. They have a fucking web page offering this service. Slogan: "Your ad mail will reach its destination"

I found out a few days ago when I received this ad letter from the furniture store "Höffner" (you know, the one with the annoying radio ads). It had all the signs of a bulk mail (=Postwurfsendung), the only difference was that it had my address on the envelope and my name in the title. I'd never been in any of their stores in my life, and know better than to fill out prize competition stuff, so where did this come from?

See the very small print on the left hand side of the letter that's not even in the body itself?
Here's a closeup.

So they wanted me to spend time and money on a letter asking them to take my address off of a list it didn't have any business being on in the first place? Yeah, right. I went to the post office, only to be told that the German post office wasn't responsible, as it no longer exists; it's all Postbank now, with some postal tasks or other. Err, ok. The service guy gave me a general service telephone number to call, which I did. THAT service guy gave me the number of the Post Direkt company service line, and the guys THERE gave me the final number of the people tasked with dealing with folks like me.

So I called them and was told that everything was fine, because they didn't really sell my address, they just used it themselves to send me spam the ad company provided. Same result, but perfectly legal. I told them to take me off their list, and they said they would do that - and also send me a letter of confirmation/explanation.

Here it is, for your information. Page 1 | Page 2

So if you don't want to receive spam addressed to you (unlike the regular bulk mail it will have to be put in your inbox, even if you have a "no advertisement" sticker on it), call this (free) phone number and have them remove you from their ad list: 0800 - 936 93 73
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Sunday, 30. March 2014 ~ 17:00 Uhr
My laptop runs Win7!  
Another geeky post (because there aren't enough here yet...*rolleyes*).

I got my Mum's laptop when she bought a new one a while back. Lame as hell, BUT it has a nice big display, and since I only needed it as a backup computer anyway (in case my desktop one broke, or for trips) I kept it. Tried to install Windows 7 and Windows XP, but neither of them ran properly. The most light weighted OS out there is Lubuntu, so I tried that, even though I had never worked with Linux before.
That brought a bit of a spike in performance, but even though I could make things work on the trip to my aunt's last year, Linux and I never hit it off, and when I really needed to get a program installed to help me sort out my mobile phone, I. just. couldn't. figure it out either (certainly not for lack of motivation). In my opinion Linux is the least user-friendly PC OS ever! DOS was more user-friendly back in its day! Or, you know, maybe I'm just stupid when Linux is concerned. Which is weird because I love (and never had a problem with) Android. *shrugs*

Read moreCollapse )

In other news, if you don't watch Believe yet, you should. It's like a mix between X-Men and Touch - and the girl is made of awesome!
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Saturday, 29. March 2014 ~ 23:15 Uhr
Balcony weather  
A friend/coworker was coming over this afternoon, which gave me some much needed motivation to get all the things on my list done before his arrival, so that my place wouldn't look like a bear cave. I put the dried laundry away, cleaned up a little, took a parcel to the post office, bought asparagus, potatoes and eggs at the local farmers' market, a fresh loaf of olive bread and the nice sheep cheese on the way back, dropped everything at home and went straight out again to pick up potting soil at the hardware store.

What a nice weather, sunny and so warm! I didn't even mind dragging 50 liters of soil back in my trolley bag. \o/

Now I've got fresh soil in all three balcony flower boxes, and basil, chives and parsley in the middle one. The one on the left is reserved for the tomato plants of another colleague who promised to provide me with some red and yellow cocktail tomato seedlings next week; the one on the right I'm not sure about yet. Maybe salad, maybe even strawberries. Something edible, at least. Tomorrow I'll install the watering system again. Spring is great!
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Saturday, 22. March 2014 ~ 23:00 Uhr
Leading Staff Team Dinner & Saturday  
We had a Team Dinner on Friday, in a nice rustic cellar restaurant in the city. It was more fun than I thought, the food was excellent, and I ended up leaving only around 23:30. That I dreamed about being in Japan (which looked like a mix between China and the US) that night can be directly attributed to our conversation, because us two Germans wanted to hear from everyone else about their biggest culture shock coming to Germany, and we all ended up sharing stories about our adventures abroad.
Unfortunately my Coordinator colleague N. wasn't taking part as she wasn't feeling well that night. :(

The weird thing is that I woke up at 6:45 this morning, awake enough to get up. Drifted away around 16:00 at my desk, catching up on the lost sleep. But all chores are done for the weekend, so tomorrow I can just play and do whatever else I damn well please! \o/
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Wednesday, 19. March 2014 ~ 07:40 Uhr
Sign of life  
This is going to be a horrible day, I just know it. My own projects start today and now that a colleague is sick I'll have to take over his projects as well. It may be small stuff, but it comes down to a whole lot of construction areas I'll have to micro-manage. Plus a public transportation strike has just started which means additional trouble for everyone to get to work.
I'm leaving a few minutes earlier as well, as I have to walk to a different station where S-Bahns leave from. Wish me luck... *waves*
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Wednesday, 12. March 2014 ~ 23:15 Uhr
'Hogan's Heroes' Actress Cynthia Lynn Dies at 76  
Lynn appeared as Helga, the blond secretary of incompetent commandant Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer), in 22 episodes of Hogan's Heroes, the CBS sitcom that ran six seasons from September 1965 to April 1971. ~ Source.

Sadly there aren't any anecdotes or longer articles about her out there - the ones I found are all very short.
This makes Robert Clary the last surviving member of the Hogan's Heroes ensemble...
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Monday, 10. March 2014 ~ 20:21 Uhr
Veronica Mars  
I just reserved two tickets for Veronica Mars on Thursday at 17:30 in Metropolis!
Anyone else coming?

Come on, guys, I was the first to order these tickets, all other seats are still free. Hurry UP!
(And frankly, at the moment I don't even know who the second ticket could be for...most of my movie friends don't know VM yet!) XD

Edit: A colleague would like to come, but doesn't know for sure yet.
But bingbulette is coming as well, if work permits! \o/
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Sunday, 9. March 2014 ~ 23:56 Uhr
New Keyboard  
Last week I saw what can only be described as the perfect keyboard, the Rapoo XI800, Model E1050. Small in size, but with normal-sized keys - there is no unused space on this thing which I find very appealing. Incredibly smooth typing, too.
My old one - 10 odd years - is pretty much taped together by now (not with duct tape, but I had to improvise after the two pieces at the back broke, the ones that lift it up).

And since the new one only cost 10 bucks it was really a no-brainer.

Above: old, below: new

Now I only have to get used to the slightly different key locations, especially on the right-hand side of this beauty.
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Saturday, 8. March 2014 ~ 22:05 Uhr
Motivation, motivation...  
Do you also have days when it's super hard to bring yourself to do anything?
It was like that this morning, I was simply hanging around, couldn't get myself to take care of any of the tasks that were on my to do list. Only when laundry time rolled around (midday, as it was the first time the washing machines were free then) did I get my head together and actually began striking things off of the list.

And I managed to finish most of the important tasks while the laundry was running and ALSO returned home in time to free up the machines for the next person. Yay. The weather was splendid too, sunny and warm until the early evening - and it's supposed to remain like that at least until Monday. Which is perfect as I have Monday and Tuesday off! \o/

Tuesday I'll meet with my tax guy (can't believe I've got my papers in order for that already, double-yay). Then I'll be getting some more papers from my insurance guy to take care of, and once they are sent away all the official grown-up filing stuff should be done for this year! Damn, I'm good (or will be by Wednesday)! :D
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Sunday, 2. March 2014 ~ 22:36 Uhr
True Detective  
Clark Gregg tweeted quite enthusiastically about the show True Detective. He isn't the only one who loves it, so I took a chance and watched the first three eps.

Clearly I'm too shallow a person for this "deep" show. Hannibal has slow scenes at times, but so far I was never bored, because something juicy is always waiting around the next corner. And even though I can appreciate the TD actors' performances, I can't seem to get into the story, because I constantly get distracted and lose focus, missing junks of the story line. While this happens with other shows as well at times, True Detective doesn't even give me enough motivation to rewind and see what I missed.

Maybe my mind is just not in the mood for this kind of show at the moment. It's just so weird to constantly stumble over raving reviews and thinking "did we watch the same show?" and "how did you possibly make it through a whole ep without falling asleep?"

In other news, Bitten is still...awkward on a lot of levels, but seems to be more in tune with my brain, entertainment-wise. It still ranks below basically everything, but slightly above court shows (which is an improvement). Not sure what to make of Black Sails yet. It's kinda boring as well, but I'm not sure how it could be saved. Pirate politics should be awesome to watch, but's not working for me.

Thank the gods for Agents of SHIELD, The Musketeers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Elementary, The Blacklist, Almost Human, The Walking Dead and Grimm, I guess. :D
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Thursday, 27. February 2014 ~ 15:54 Uhr
Basement Duty over  
Mum kicked me out yesterday and told me to go home.

Monday was very successful, we managed to get rid of a huge amount of stuff from the basement, however, Mum - who was already coughing then, but still dug into the work like a maniac - got a lot worse in the evening and wasn't better by Tuesday. So we (well, I) concentrated on wiping and re-installing her super lame laptop first. When that was finished on Wednesday, she was still feeling terrible, but the woman can't sit/lie down and relax when someone is around, so we agreed on ending basement duty then and to make a new appointment to take care of the rest at some later date. So I hopped on a train and returned home.

Now there are suddenly two extra days of vacation (plus weekend) I hadn't expected. :)

In part because we had great weather this morning - according to the radio it was supposed to rain in the afternoon - I went out early-ish to get some groceries and pick up photos from the dm drugstore. When we cleaned out the garage last year I found two rolls of film among my things and had them developed. There was nothing on the first, but the second contained a few blurry shots of budgies, and the house and area I'd lived a couple of years ago. Heh, nice. Maybe now that I've got a little time I'll go through my boxes of photos, scan in everything in and put the boxes in my own basement. (After getting rid of the crappy stuff.)
But first the tax documents have to be prepared.

Bought eggs and a portion of venison on Farmer's market, and some veggies and mozzarella cheese for salad for tonight. Yeah, totally celebrating the additional time off with some amazing fresh food. \o/
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Sunday, 23. February 2014 ~ 23:25 Uhr
Basement Duty  
I'm at my Mum's house, for basement duty. Meaning that from tomorrow on we're going to clean out the whole basement, throw out trash and useless stuff and organize the space.

Funny enough, when I told a colleague on Friday, it turned out he had taken the same week off for exactly the same reason - to help HIS Mum clean out her basement back home in France. What are the odds?
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Friday, 21. February 2014 ~ 10:05 Uhr
Double Surprise for Mandy Patinkin  
From HuffPo:
Mandy Patinkin was being set up for a surprise childhood reunion by the morning talk show duo on Wed., Feb. 19.
Patinkin had been looking for Sandy, whom he shared his first kiss with, and Kelly and Michael pulled out all the stops to reunite the two junior lovebirds.

But the surprises don't stop there. [...]

Watch the super happy video and get ready to jump for joy along with Kelly and Michael as they pull off one of their best surprises ever.


Man, if this video doesn't make you jump around the room, laughing like an idiot (at least in your head), you're made of stone.
Unfortunately it won't embed, but click on the link above or any of the pics to go to the original page:

I really love the total giddiness of the hosts too. They're all like "whheeeeeehihihi, we did it, we did it!"
Rightly so! XD
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Sunday, 16. February 2014 ~ 16:13 Uhr
Geeky tools - PCRemote Advance  
Something that annoys me is when the PC boots up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Sometimes I wake up and it's running and if I can be bothered I get up, climb down the ladder and put it to sleep again. Most of the time I just stay in bed and go back to sleep myself instead. Then the PC usually runs until the morning, sucking unnecessary power.
It doesn't happen often since I cut down on the peripherals that can actually wake the PC, but on occasion it still does.

So today I installed the app PCRemote Advance on my Note 2, a small additional program on the PC, connected the two, entered my PC's MAC address in the app, and am now able to put the PC to sleep and wake it from my bed with my phone. :D

You can do a lot more with this free app, like using the touchpad as a mouse or keyboard, rotate the screen or show presentations, but for me the power control features (shutdown, hibernate, sleep, restart, logoff system) are enough, the rest is merely nice to have.
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Friday, 14. February 2014 ~ 21:47 Uhr
Batman - The Dark Knight Returns  
I just finished watching "Batman - The Dark Knight Returns". What an utterly, utterly amazing movie!
One of the few animated films that really blew my mind.

Part 1 is already great, a very grown-up version of the old story. But Part 2 takes it to a whole new level.
The only issue I have is with the lack of backstory for Robin. She more or less comes out of nowhere and no one ever seems to question where she spends the nights at her age - but she's very cool as well, so I keep my fingers crossed for an encore.

If you love Batman, I trust you'll love this very dark version!
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Sunday, 9. February 2014 ~ 23:40 Uhr
F(r)ightful weekend  
This weekend I fought lunatics in "Arkham Asylum", monsters in "Broken Age", zombies in "How to survive" and moths in real life.

My rewardCollapse )

And then I found out that I missed a deadline on my health insurance plan and will likely not get any cash back for last year, despite getting all the required stamps. DAMN! /o\
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Tuesday, 4. February 2014 ~ 22:48 Uhr
Random thought and link  
Just looked at my overtime account this morning. There is a carryover of 25 hours to next month already, which means that if I took flextime for the WHOLE MONTH of February NOW, I'd still have +25 hours on my overtime account upon my return in March...

And now for something completely different: Revolutionary Design Idea. Spectacular Steampunk Pub That Defies The Laws Of Time

Looks fantastic, doesn't it?
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Saturday, 1. February 2014 ~ 23:44 Uhr
Phone situation (more or less) solved  
I had to pester a friend/colleague of mine a couple more times this week, because the Odin software still doesn't work properly on my pc (even borrowed his laptop yesterday), but now the phone's finally okay again. Just needs some final touches, setup-wise, but I'll do that tomorrow.

This evening another friend/ex-colleague came by and we ordered sushi and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as he hadn't seen it before. I still think it's an entertaining film with a few flaws/ridiculous scenes throughout...and a very stupid ending. Uh well, we had fun, but now I'm beat.
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Saturday, 25. January 2014 ~ 23:59 Uhr
Rooting trouble  
Oh great, my favourite custom ROM got a new update after months and months, but first I had to update the bootloader from 4.2.1 to 4.3. No biggie, right? No, if you find the one that doesn't "knox" your phone permanently, that is. And I did. Find it, I mean. Flashed the package and got the update to 4.3, yay. Only then the damn thing wasn't rooted anymore and I remembered why I had only briefly searched for a bootloader update before - it leads to an automatic unroot and a big headache for me. Although I know exactly how to root my phone, my computer and Odin refuse to work together. Odin recognizes the phone, but won't flash anything on it.
I actually have to go to a friend's place to do it on his computer. Same cables, same program, same procedures, but HIS computer plays well with Odin. The whole rooting action takes about 30 seconds.

So I contacted him around midday and he was a pal and let me come around. Rooted the phone without any trouble, flashed a wifi fix afterwards and voilà, all was well.

Only when I returned home I did some more flashing experiments (added the new custom ROM and the TWRP recovery which had disappeared) and suddenly the phone was unrooted again and stuck at the Samsung logo! And by that time my friend had already gone to visit his parents. *aaaarrrrrgh*

Now I'm sitting here with a half-bricked phone that won't even let me boot up anymore.
Best case scenario: I'll get another shot tomorrow.
Worst case scenario: I'll have to wait until Monday.

*going to bed now, grumbling*
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